General Services

2e0f15510f76b0218c45d27607c01287The contractor shall provide and pay for labor, materials, equipment, tolls, machinery, water, heat, utilities, transportation, and other facilities & services necessary for proper execution and completion of the work. Whether temporary, permanent, corporate, or incorporated,

the contractor shall supervise and direct the work using the Contractor’s best skill and attention. The contractor shall be solely responsible for, and have control over construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, and procedures for coordinating all portions of the work.

The contractor will pay all legally required sales, consumer, and use taxes, as well as any and all permits, government fees, and licenses. The contractor will also give advance to all involved parties.

Additional Services Provided

ef151e36fb14df333088728034c40c7cOlympus Construction can provide additional services to its clients in the form of its partner SMC Home Services. SMC Home Services provides quick and easy maintenance assistance for smaller projects. Such services include HVAC, painting, moving, installations, and minor maintenance and repairs.

We also have access to a 30,000 SF warehouse located off of the Hwy 63 Bypass. This enables us and our subcontractors to store large equipment and quantities for material in a heated and secure facility if the need arises.

MR COOL AUTHORIZED DEALERĀ  Olympus is an authorized dealer for Mr. Cool. We offer 22 seer inverter technology split systems that require no heat strip. We also carry a full line of mini splits. For more information, please contact our office at 870-932-6670 or visit

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