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May 7, 2024 Tyronza Grain Bin Restoration Plans SpecsAddendum #1 PlansAddendum #1 SpecsAddendum #2 PlansAddendum #2 SpecsAddendum #3 PlansAddendum #3 SpecsAddendum #4

6/25/24 Batesville Box Hangar Plans Specs

6/26 Lake Poinsett Harrisburg Plans Specs

May 28, 2024 Corning Helipad Plans & SpecsAddendum #1Addendum #2

4/25 Southern Hills *Please call our office for access to Ppecs 870-932-6670 or email

3/21 Deerfield Inn: Osceola Plans Specs

Brownstone: Marion, AR Civil Plans

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Awarded Contracts

Newport Hangar Plans Specs Addendum #1 Addendum #2 Addendum #3

Riverback Estates Model A Model B Model C Model D Model E Model F Model G Model G Custom Civil

Veterans Cemetery Phase 2: Birdeye, AR PlansSpecsAddenda #1 PlansAddenda #1 Specs

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