Current Bids

10/21/2021 @ 2:00pm City of Jonesboro Maintenance Facility Plans SpecsAddendum #1 PlansAddendum #1 Specs


October 15, 2021 New Technology Training Center:

Newport, AR Plans SpecsAddendum #1ADDENDUM #2


Jonesboro Country Club: Maintenance Building Plans S1 S2

8/27/21 Hope House Plans


Elderly Housing for WRRHDC/JURHA Plans

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Awarded Contracts

Habitat for Humanity: 3 bedroom Plans 4 Bedroom Plans

Veterans Village: Community Building: Plans Specs Volume 1 Specs Volume 2 Addenda #1 Plans Addenda #1 Specs Addenda #2 Addenda #3

Jonesboro Shooting Complex: Phase II Range Building Plans Specs Addenda #1 Plans Addenda #1 Specs

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